Outdoor dining is currently available in The Beer Garden–open Wednesday thru Sunday, 11.30 am to 9pm.
Seating is Limited.  Reservations strongly suggested
CLICK HERE for Beer Garden reservation guidelines & list of performers.
The Grill Room is currently closed due to the NJ imposed guidelines.

Drink List:  Click Links for Details


      1. Carton 077XX IPA 8%
      2. Carton The Beach
      3. Magnify Two Percent: Strawberry Milkshake IPA
      4. Maine Beer Company Tiny Beautiful Something: Pale Ale

    On Deck

      1. Magnify Invisible Ink: I.P.A
      2. Magnify Parnold Almer: Fruited Sour / A.B.V 11% 12 oz
      3. Kane Part Wave: N.E.I.P.A
      4. Zero Gravity Conehead IPA
      5. Czig Meister The Herdsman
      6. Czig Meister The Huntsman

Crafts, Domestic & Imports

      1. Lawson’s Finest Scrag Mountain Pils
      2. 3 Floyds Zombie Dust: Pale Ale / 12 oz. can
      3. 3 Floyds Laser Snake: I.P.A / 16 oz. can
      4. 3 Floyds Gumball Head: Wheat Beer / 12 oz. can
      5. Icarus Imaginariam: New England Imperial I.P.A. / A.B.V. 8.6 %
      6. Flying Fish Hazy Bones IPA 12 oz. can
      7. Sloop Juice Bomb 12 oz. can super juicy IPA
      8. Hermit Thrush Party Jam Guava: sour 16oz can
      9. Hermit Thrush Party Jam Blood Orange: Sour 16oz can
      10. Hermit Thrush Party Jam Peach:  Sour 16oz can
      11. Zero Gravity Madonna: Imperial I.P.A. / 16 oz. can / A.B.V. 8%
      12. Zero Gravity Frankie: Ale with fruit / 16 oz. can / A.B.V. 5.1%
      13. Budweiser 16 oz. Aluminum Bottle
      14. Bud Light 16 oz. Aluminum Bottle
      15. Heineken 16 oz. Aluminum Bottle
      16. Heineken Light 16 oz. Aluminum Bottle
      17. Michelob Ultra 16 oz. Aluminum Bottle
      18. Coors Light 16 oz. Aluminum Bottle
      19. Miller Lite 16 oz. Aluminum Bottle
      20. Guinness Draught Can 12 oz. can (we suggest pouring into a glass)

Ready To Drink Cocktails

Cutwater Cocktail 12 oz can
-Tequila Margherita
-Whiskey Lemon Tea
-Paloma Cocktail
-Mild Bloody Mary

Canteen Vodka Seltzer
-Cucumber Mint

On the Rocks 6 oz. bottle (two servings)
-Effen Vodka Cosmopolitan
-Knob Creek Old Fashioned
-Cruzan Rum Mai Tai

Wine by the Glass

Salmon Creek
-Pinot Grigio
-Pinot Noir

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc
Ame du Vin Rose

Rev:  August 13, 2020