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A Vintage Barn Gets a New Coat of Red Stain

Bowling Green’s maintenance barn is one of the most picturesque in Morris County. Golfers playing the front 9 get their first view of it as the backdrop to the 5th green. This Spring, the barn received a face lift and in honor of that occasion. We thought we’d take the time to paper its description in so far as we know. But before we start, a recap of the recent work done. The barn was scraped of its ancient lead based paint in time to make a new deadline governing the confiscation and disposal of lead paint.  A latex based

Bowling Green comfortable to play

Hot and dry summer stretches into August but Bowling Green is comfortable to play… Because we average 10 degrees cooler than the metro NY area. This has been a summer to stress the most experienced of golf course superintendents, with heat and high humidity increasing the likely hood of turf disease followed by more heat and lack of rain accentuating the stress. We can say that we’re pleased with the way the course has held up and that we’re looking forward to Fall weather and cooler temperatures which will allow the course to thrive again. Take advantage of our frequent