Conquer The Three’s


Bowling Green is known for it’s four long, difficult par 3 holes. In fact, making par on all four in the same round is referred to as “The Toughest 12 in NJ” and you would have “Conquered the Threes,” joining a club few are in.  Here’s a closer look at the par 3s perhaps providing the insight that you need.

Hole 3

Hole #3 is the first of four, long, difficult par 3 holes on the course.

Hole 3
Par 3 Hdcp: M(9)/W(7)
Tees Yards
Cornish 227
Tournament 203
Member 196
Club 196
Signature 178
Classic 178
Forward 178

The green on Hole #3 at Bowling has two distinct tiers, sloping from back to front. A tee ball in any of the three green-side bunkers leaves a difficult up and in. Leaving the tee ball on the wrong tier is almost a guaranteed three putt. hole3page

If your shot is not on the appropriate tier of the green, the place to miss is short of the green.  The uphill pitch shot is best played ‘on the ground’ giving you a fighting chance. Three is a very good score.

Hole 8

Hole #8 at Bowling Green is second of the four difficult par 3 holes. Playing over water and uphill to green protected by two large, gaping bunkers in front, 3 is a very good score. But how to make 3, other than hitting the green?

Hole 8
Par 3 Hdcp: M(7)/W(13)
Tees Yards
Cornish 215
Tournament 201
Member 176
Club 176
Signature 157
Classic 157
Forward 117

Take enough club, left or long. (plus 1 for the uphill and carry) hole8page

Short will leave you with a very difficult bunker shot; right of the green will kick you near the 9th tee box. If you can control your miss, there is a run off area to the left of the green surface that provides a fairly simple pitch to all portions of the green. Over the green is fairly flat and open, but this area doesn’t see much action.

Hole 11

Hole 11
Par 3 Hdcp: M(18)/W(18)
Tees Yards
Cornish 190
Tournament 180
Member 180
Club 160
Signature 160
Classic 120
Forward 120

The 11th hole is the first Par 3 on the back nine at Bowling Green. Although it is the shortest Par 3 on the course measuring 190 yards from the Cornish Tees and only 160 yards from the Club tees, it plays longer into the prevailing breeze. hole11page If the hole location is in the back right portion of the green, pay attention the large bunker and mound located “short and right of the green.” The tip is that the bunker is not short of the green, but rather goes deep into the green. In fact, the area beyond that bunker is the middle of the green. “While playing #11, if the hole location is in the back right portion of the green, aim to the center as a slight miss-hit will leave you a putt vs. being buried in the face of the bunker.”

Hole 16

The 16th hole is the last of the par 3 holes at Bowling Green, where making pars on all four in known as “The Toughest 12 in NJ” and you would join an exclusive club that has “Conquered the Threes.”

Hole 16
Par 3 Hdcp: M(10)/W(10)
Tees Yards
Cornish 214
Tournament 203
Member 175
Club 175
Signature 145
Classic 145
Forward 145

While standing on the tee, the green sits down the hill tempting you to take less club.


“Even though the green is ‘down the hill’ the surface is raised up from the apron-approach. In addition the rough pinches in from both sides. The result, most balls that land short do not bounce up onto the green. Trust your yardage and hit enough club to carry onto the green surface.”