The Course

Bowling Green Looks Like a Traditional Northeastern Course But It’s More Accommodating

     With its tree-lined fairways and routinely exceptional conditioning, the first time visitor would be excused for thinking that Bowling Green resembles many of those traditional golf courses that often host U.S. Opens.

     However, that same first-time visitor soon discovers that while the course looks like a U.S. Open course, Bowling Green is enjoyable for players of all standards.

What You Need to Know


Men’s Tees Yards Rating Slope
Cornish 6,863 73.0 137
Tournament 6,584 71.8 133
Member 6,399 71.0 131
Club 6,244 70.6 131
Signature 6,004 69.1 130
Classic 5,763 67.4 124
Forward 5,051 64.1 112
Women’s Tees Yards Rating Slope
Member 6,399 77.2 135
Club 6,244 76.3 134
Signature 6,004 75.2 132
Classic 5,763 73.2 131
Forward 5,051 69.0 122

The Scorecard

     Our combination tees are being played by more players every day looking to find a course length that allows the most fun. The Member Tees are a combination  of the Tournament and Club Tees and the Signature Tees are a combination of the Club and Classic Tees.

     Selecting the tees that are right for you helps make the overall day of golf more enjoyable.

     Not sure which tees to play from? Take a look at our tee guide to choose the markers that will make your game at Bowling Green its most enjoyable.

What Tees to Play?

Here’s a simple guide to help select the tees that best fits your game and you will have more fun. Click on the sign to select the tees for you.


BTW, it’s okay to play different tees in your group.

A word about Dynamic Pricing. . .We prefer ‘Adaptive Pricing’

Adaptive Pricing considers a wide range of factors including demand, availability, the season, the 5-day forecast and more.  If you’ve ever shopped for a plane ticket, a hotel room online, or an avocado in the grocery store you’re probably familiar with these concepts.

  • At Bowling Green we have always had different rates for tee times on different days of the week, and multiple rate periods within the days based upon the demand for a given time period.
  • For example, it’s typical that a Saturday morning in June will have a higher green fee vs. a Thursday afternoon in October. Same great course with outstanding conditions, different rates.
  • In addition, green fees will be adjusted, both higher and lower, in real-time, based on a unique combination of factors including: the number of players in your group, demand, availability, the season, the day of the week, the time of the day, NY Football Giants game time, and the expected weather (yes, even the ‘weatherman’ plays a role).
  • While the most desirable tee times may sometimes see a minimal increase, the vast majority will be available for less.
  • Need a last-minute tee time? It may cost you a little more. But, if you are flexible with your timing or you and your buddies know you want to play the course a couple of weeks down the line, you’ll have the chance to get better pricing along with that perfect tee time for your group.

With rates changing in real-time, Adaptive Pricing puts you in the driver’s seat—giving you the chance to find the best rate and time that works for you and your group.

Bowling Green offers the best rates and current specials on our website.   Click Here  for up to minute rates and tee time availability.  Holiday Rates Apply:  Good Friday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day

A word about the weather. . .

     While our cancellation policy is 24 hours in advance, we do not hold players responsible for a     reserved tee time in the case of inclement weather.  In addition, we provide rain checks for the unused portion of your green fees in the event you cannot finish due to the weather. . . . anyway, how accurate are those 3, 5 and 10 day forecasts?

Find a Program the Fits and Save!

Player’s Club 2020 –No cost to register on the Bowling Green mobile app. –Validate each round you play. –Trade in five (5) validations for a FREE GREEN FEE. –No blackout times.

Senior Rate (60yr) –Monday-Thursday 11-4p $49 –Friday, 11-4p $59

Jefferson Township Residents –Monday-Thursday 11-4p $49 –Friday, 11-4p $59

Morris County Mondays –Monday 11-4p $49

Military, Police & First Responders –Monday-Thursday 11-4p $49 –Friday, 11-4p $59

Jefferson Township Police & First Responders –Monday-Friday, before 8a:  $10 w/cart

Looking for a scenic retreat for your game? Come to Bowling Green.

First and foremost, Bowling Green is a beautiful golf course offering wonderful views of the surrounding country side. Our location is nearby but off the beaten path. The sounds of daily life fade into the background.

At Bowling Green, you are interacting with nature and the abundance of pines and oaks that define the course.

What makes Bowling Green a classic? The answer: a layout which has stood the test of time. Course architect Geoffrey Cornish‘s design concepts are well known in New England. He liked to get a feel for the layout of a course by walking the land first, taking off in a straight line through the underbrush leaving all to follow in his wake. In this manner, he was inspired to design the course to match the contours of the land: unusual in an era when course design was characterized by extreme sculpting of the terrain. Design philosophies are now circling back to this classic principle.

Many area courses have been built with long distances between green and tee for a variety of reasons. Not so at Bowling Green. Greens and tees flow from one to the other. This makes the course walking friendly and unique in the area.

Country Club Conditioning at Reasonable Prices

The superintendent and his staff have two goals. Goal #1 is to keep fairways, tees, greens, and bunkers in top condition consistently despite the weather so that a shot from the fairway is played from a good lie and a well-struck and well-directed putt likely drops in the hole. The second, but no less important goal is to maintain the course with speed of play in mind: rough is never so severe that it’s impossible to find a ball; and the greens staff removes undergrowth so that epic recovery shots from under the trees are very possible.

Walk if you’re a purist, but ride if you like.

Green fee rates include electric carts and carts are allowed on the fairways except in very wet conditions; therefore riding is an attractive option. However, you may find that walking puts you in touch with your inner game. Those purists who harken back to golf’s earliest traditions tout the benefits of walking. Read more about it at The Walking Golfer Society.

Sensible Greens and Sensible Green Speeds

The staff keep the greens at a sensible pace given the tiers, humps and overall pitch of these large greens-your ball will roll out but you will not be worrying that a four-foot downhill putt will roll 20 feet past the hole. Our greens and green speeds make the game more enjoyable and help to speed up play.

Variety is the Spice of…Golf!

Finally, Bowling Green provides superb variety without being overly difficult. While many golf courses offer ‘unique challenges’ and ‘signature holes’ Bowling Green provides ample variety so that each hole is memorable without resorting to design features that make the course “U.S. Open difficult” for amateur golfers.