Which Tees to Play

Bowling Green Golf Club Course-Tee Recommendation

Here are a few guidelines when considering which tees to play. Select the course that is right for you and have more fun!

Member: Blue/white6,39971.0131
Signature: White/Yellow6,00468.7129

Member: Blue/White6,39977.2135
Signature: White/Yellow6,00475.2132

Bowling Green Expert Tees
Cornish Tees (Black) 6,863 yds.

“Double Black Diamond” level of difficulty; for the Expert Player, low single digit handicap. A true test of golf for the best of the best! Your Best Scores: <75 Hdcp: <5

Bowling Green Expert Tees
Bowling Green Tournament Tees
Tournament Tees (Blue) 6,584 yds.

“Black Diamond” level of difficulty. For the experienced, advanced-skill level player; with a high single digit handicap with +250y drives, who can handle difficult par 3s, and is looking for a challenge. More than enough course for most.

Bowling Green Tournament Tees
Bowling Green Member Tees
Member Tees (Blue/White) 6,399 yds.

“Blue Square-Plus” level of difficulty. For the intermediate to advance skill level / the experienced player, with +225y drives or looking for a challenge. “Played by many of the BG Members.” A little less stress than the Blue Tees. Your Best Scores: 80’s Hdcp: 13-20

Bowling Green Member Tees
Bowling Green Club Tees

Club Tees (White) 6,244 yds.

Level of difficulty: Blue square
Intermediate/average skill level.
An enjoyable yardage with an infusion of challenge.
The Club Tees are also enjoyed by expert women players.
Your Best Scores: 90s and above Hdcp: 21-30+

Bowling Green Club Tees
Bowling Green Signature Tees
Signature Tees (White/Yellow) 6,004 yds.

Created to align with the Tee It Forward initiative (USGA & PGA); to enhance the enjoyment of the game of golf. The concept is to play tees that allow the same club selection for shots into the greens as the Pros play. Give it a try, you may just like it!

Bowling Green Signature Tees
Classic Tees (Yellow) 5,763 yds.

Perfect for those players looking for a shorter length
course; perhaps for those who do not hit it as far as they used too (Senior Tees); or those that are learning the game.
The Classic Tees are also perfect for women players of advanced skill level.

Forward Tees  5,034 yds.

Played by the majority of our women players and
by beginners looking to get onto the course and have a fun time.

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