The BGGC Experience

Golf as it is meant to be….

BGGC Golf Sunset

We use that tag line quite a bit but maybe it needs some explanation. If you believe that golf is the game of a life time rather than a good walk spoiled, you’ll appreciate what we’re striving for here at Bowling Green.

Start with a great course layout with fair challenges, a variety of hazards, scenery and nice conditions; that’s the core of the experience. Add the possibility of walking and you’ve upped the fitness factor. A friendly staff that is familiar with golf culture and happy to greet the customer and the experience becomes relaxed and welcoming. Find some like minded friends to join you (or meet them on the first tee) and you’ve got stories to tell for life. Finish at the 19th hole and you’re part of tradition. Take advantage of programs that make the game affordable like: Season Passesoff peak rates… loyalty rewards…rain checks and you’ve arrived at the Bowling Green experience: Golf as it is meant to be.

While area golfers enjoy the many benefits of Bowling Green membership, there are others who enjoy the flexibility of Bowling Green’s sensible daily fee rates and the rewards of the frequent player program. There is a plan for every type of golfer.

Policies at Bowling Green are remarkably flexible and amenable.

For example, the cancellation policy is just 24 hours and in the event of bad weather, the golfer is not responsible for a reserved tee time. However, there’s no need to avoid marginal weather as the course will happily provide a rain check for the majority of an unfinished round. The golfer decides when he’s had enough!

Pace of Play is Also a Part of the Quality Golf Experience at Bowling Green.

Golf is a game of exactitude and being exact takes time, sometimes too much time. Several years ago, Bowling Green became one of the first to take action on slow play. We established a “par” for time to play an 18 hole round by a foursome (read more) and committed to help players stick to that par.

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