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What’s in your bag – an occasionally recurring conversation with George Heslin about golf

What’s in your bag – a long putter or a short putter? As a new golf season is underway, I thought it would be a good time to answer that question. Let’s go back to the 2012 season, way back to April 2012. That is when we first saw something that made us all cringe. I.K. Kim, a young woman on the LPGA tour missed a one foot putt. Yes, I said it. A one foot putt that cost her a major championship. As she missed it she put her hands to her mouth and let out a gasp, the

Live Music part of Valentine’s weekend at the Grill Room

Mickey Freeman will make her third appearance this Friday night singing jazz vocals accompanied on keyboard and bass. As a bonus, Mickey has enticed esteemed musicians Rio Clemente and Mitch Schecter to join her occasionally along with her band, Regan Ryzuk & Tim Metz. Rock trio The Flying Obersons are outstanding, can’t say enough about Rick, Tony and Frosty and solo guitarist Scott Kelly is ever popular. Folk acoustic guitarist Mark Coulter appears on February 16th and John G on sax will be back for several Fridays.  Schedule here  In the meantime, the Grill Room kitchen under new leadership has