Hole By Hole

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  • Hole 1
  • Hole 2
  • Hole 3
  • Hole 4
  • Hole 5
  • Hole 6
  • Hole 7
  • Hole 8
  • Hole 9
  • Hole 10
  • Hole 11
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  • Hole 16
  • Hole 17
  • Hole 18

Hole 1

Par 4

Bowling Green golf Club Hole 1An elegant and inviting downhill opener with beautiful views of the surrounding hills.

Many will use a fairway wood or hybrid off the tee but the aggressive can go for the green and make the second shot a short pitch and follow it with a short putt.

Hole 1
Black359 yards
Blue346 yards
White334 yards
Yellow300 yards
Red298 yards

Hole 2

Par 4

Slightly narrower and slightly longer than the first, the second requires a straighter drive.

It’s particularly important to avoid a large tree on the left-hand side of the fairway. Accurate club selection is vital on the second shot as the green is one of the largest on the course.

Hole 2
Black379 yards
Blue371 yards
White355 yards
Yellow339 yards
Red290 yards

Hole 3

Par 3

The first of four excellent par-3s, the beautiful third plays all downhill to a green with three large and ominous bunkers that protect.

During dry conditions, a run-up shot is possible; short and straight is a good miss. A back tier hole location makes the hole at least half a shot more difficult. Even though it’s all downhill, play to the yardage.

Hole 3
Black227 yards
Blue203 yards
White196 yards
Yellow178 yards
Red178 yards

Hole 4

Par 5

The yardage will make most think that the 4th is an easy birdie but it should be treated with respect.

The sharp dogleg left and the stream close to the optimum landing area for the approach conspire to generate any number of double bogeys—or worse. The better golfer will try to reach the green in two with two epic shots but a routine five is an excellent score.

Hole 4
Black491 yards
Blue480 yards
White456 yards
Yellow432 yards
Red420 yards

Hole 5

Par 4

Although a shortish, slightly downhill par 4, the key to a possible birdie here is an approach shot to the correct side of the green.

A ridge splits the putting surface. A large, raised bunker front and right of the green gets some action and must be avoided.

Hole 5
Black357 yards
Blue347 yards
White330 yards
Yellow321 yards
Red271 yards

Hole 6

Par 4

Longer than previous par 4s and mostly uphill, the 6th is a tough par.

The journey begins with a serious tee shot to a fairway that a bunker and large pine protect. Then it’s a long approach to a small and subtly undulating green. Par is an excellent score.

Hole 6
Black428 yards
Blue418 yards
White396 yards
Yellow372 yards
Red301 yards

Hole 7

Par 4

Another muscular par 4.

The tee shot is one of the most difficult on the course: it’s slightly downhill, but the fairway is narrow and there are two horrific bunkers flanking each side. Even though it’s a long hole for most, a fairway wood is a good play. The sloping green punishes the golfer who leaves a putt above the hole.

Hole 7
Black434 yards
Blue423 yards
White398 yards
Yellow378 yards
Red295 yards

Hole 8

Par 3

Thus far, Bowling Green has been relatively free of water.

This changes at the 8th, a solid par 3 almost completely over a large pond. Those of you who opted for the tips may rue your decision at this point! Bunkers surround the green but the putting surface is thankfully fairly flat. Those hitting the green could conceivably sneak away with a birdie.

Hole 8
Black215 yards
Blue201 yards
White176 yards
Yellow157 yards
Red117 yards

Hole 9

Par 5

Those who find the narrow fairway with the driver on this dogleg right are in great shape to go for the green in two shots.

– even though the green is not receptive to long irons and fairway woods. However, a birdie to end the front nine is a distinct possibility.

Hole 9
Black480 yards
Blue470 yards
White461 yards
Yellow438 yards
Red368 yards

Hole 10

Par 4

The back at Bowling Green begins with a tough and exciting test.

There’s plenty of room off the tee but it’s the second shot over a pond to a severe green with a buried elephant in the middle that requires a decisive approach. As you walk down the fairway, check the pin position on the 11th.

Hole 10
Black405 yards
Blue391 yards
White379 yards
Yellow340 yards
Red288 yards

Hole 11

Par 3

A straightforward short hole.

The bunkers fronting the green make depth perception tricky so trust the yardage and take at least an extra club if the hole is back on this large green. The 11th is the easiest of the par 3s at Bowling Green but it’s no pushover.

Hole 11
Black190 yards
Blue180 yards
White160 yards
Yellow120 yards
Red120 yards

Hole 12

Par 4

No bunkers on this hole but none required on this dogleg left par 4.

The best spot in the fairway is right-center but finding the fairway is an excellent result as there’s water right and hazard left. The second shot plays to a peninsula green. Got par? Take it to the bank!

Hole 12
Black408 yards
Blue387 yards
White371 yards
Yellow330 yards
Red283 yards

Hole 13

Par 4

A short par 4 that should be a drive then a pitch to the green.

The best position off the tee is left center on this dogleg to the right. After the tough opening to the back nine, a welcome breather.

Hole 13
Black359 yards
Blue316 yards
White303 yards
Yellow265 yards
Red265 yards

Hole 14

Par 5

The drive looks tight off the tee but the landing area is wide.

So, it’s perfect to let it fly with the big stick. Only the biggest hitters will reach the green in two but the large, flattish putting surface welcomes a dart-like wedge.

Hole 14
Black357 yards
Blue518 yards
White491 yards
Yellow456 yards
Red355 yards

Hole 15

Par 4

Perhaps the last chance to collect a birdie yet two large bunkers short and left of the green must be avoided.

Still, for most golfers, it’s just a drive or fairway wood and a wedge to set up a welcome three.

Hole 15
Black354 yards
Blue337 yards
White320 yards
Yellow298 yards
Red258 yards

Hole 16

Par 3

The final par 3 at Bowling Green plays downhill to a long green with a tough clover-leaf bunker defending left side hole locations.

Shots that land short of the green typically stick, leaving a tricky pitch or chip If you’ve made par on all four short holes, you join a small club that has Conquered The Threes!

Hole 16
Black214 yards
Blue203 yards
White175 yards
Yellow145 yards
Red145 yards

Hole 17

Par 4

The penultimate hole (next to last) at Bowling Green plays longer than the yardage.

Long hitters need to pay attention to a small pond left of the fairway. The green has a false front that rejects moderately-struck shots, leaving a testy test. Putts from above the hole are never easy at the 17th.

Hole 17
Black415 yards
Blue408 yards
White375 yards
Yellow347 yards
Red336 yards

Hole 18

Par 5

An epic finishing hole with wonderful views where just about anything is possible.

A well struck drive crosses the ‘the road of honor.’ A straight and true second will set up a mid to short iron approach to a three-tiered and well-protected putting surface. There aren’t too many players on the Tour who will likely hit this green in two. Post a five here and plenty of lucre awaits.

Hole 18
Black611 yards
Blue585 yards
White568 yards
Yellow547 yards
Red463 yards
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