Pace of Play Results


The Results Are In…A Round of Golf at Bowling Green Averages Just Four Hours and Three Minutes!

Bowling Green has always been famous for a pace of play that’s almost always around four hours.

In fact, we conducted a survey to make sure that visitors and members are ‘sticking with the program.’

Take a look at the results below and you’ll see that we’re making sure that pace of play at Bowling Green is excellent–so that you have more time for more golf, a trip to The Grill Room, or other activities and never have to spend valuable golf time waiting in line behind slow golfers.

Bowling Green GC Pace of Play Results– Monitored Rounds*

  Morning Rounds Afternoon Rounds All Rounds
Monday 4hr 2m 4hr 7m 4hr 3m
Tuesday 3hr 46m 4hr 9m 3hr 51m
Wednesday 3hr 58m 4hr 4m 3hr 59m
Thursday 3hr 55m 4hr 5m 3hr 59m
Friday 3hr 42m 3hr 47m 3hr 44m
Saturday 4hr 14m 4hr 24m 4hr 18m
Sunday 4hr 21m 3hr 58m 4hr 7m
All Month 4hr 0m 4hr 9m 4hr 3m

*A monitored round is the one round during each hour throughout the day that is tracked from start to completion. The averages are based on the monitored rounds only during the month of August, 2005.