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BG Members play a “mock” Ryder Cup

Medinah Country Club, west of Chicago IL, is the site of the 39th Ryder Cup matches. The Ryder Cup, as avid golfers know, is a dramatic and much anticipated team event held every two years between professional golfers representing Europe & professional golfers representing the USA. Accordingly,  Bowling Green’s own avid member golfers  held their own version of the Ryder Cup two weekends ago. Four nine hole matches between two teams copied Ryder Cup formats (Foursomes, Fourball & Individual) with the addition of a scramble for one of the matches.  The “Albert Cup”, as this event was named, was deemed

5 Great Golf Smartphone Apps for Form, Function and Fun!

There are thousands of golf related smartphone and tablet apps available which can help you with your game, analyze your score, help you with the rules or even act as a surrogate caddy. Today we’re sharing some of Bowling Green Golf Club’s favorite golf apps that can help you on the golf course or entertain you off the course. 1.) Free Golf GPS Range Finder –Available for iPhone(free), Android(free), and blackberry(free) Swing by Swing’s Golf GPS Range Finder is a free GPS distance app for your mobile phone. With more than 21,000 courses in its database, finding the course you’re

Focusing on Basic Golf Fundamentals – Finding Your Correct Alignment, Stance, and Posture

Golfers at every level can improve their game greatly by reviewing the fundamentals of grip, posture, stance & alignment on a regular basis. Periodic lessons to make sure your fundamentals are in place will insure that you play your best golf. Last month, Bowling Green Golf Pro, George Heslin shared tips to help you find the best golf grip and grip pressure for your game and in this installment; he’ll share his tips for posture, stance & alignment. ALIGNMENT Most amateur golfers know that the basics of proper alignment mean positioning the feet, knees, hips, forearms, shoulders and eyes parallel