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15 Golf Tips with Universal Appeal for Golfers

Some golf tips are universal – boasting the ability to positively impact everyone’s game, from beginning players to seasoned golfers alike. Others address the two most common golf swing faults – the hook and the slice. Still others address problems with the short game. It’s virtually impossible to find something that hasn’t been said before, so we humbly offer the following tips as a review of golf instruction fundamentals. These 15 tips will help you get warmed up, strike the perfect drive, get out of tough spots and stroke putts with more confidence. They are especially tried & true for

Your Guide to NJ Public Golf Course Rain Check Policies

New Jersey publicgolfcourserain check policies vary greatly so we prepared this guide to help you identify player-friendly policies. Weather within our small State of New Jersey fluctuates from region to region: from the shore to the inland pinelands, from the urban areas in the north to the mountains of the northwest. That means when you’re playing golf in Northern New Jersey but listening to a New York City or coastal forecast or playing golf in Southern New Jersey and listening to a Philadelphia forecast you can’t be sure you know what the weather will be on your favorite golf course.