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Play Golf America’s Family Golf Month Encourages Families to Hit the Course Together This Summer

Play Golf America encourages families to play golf together this summer with Family Golf Month events on the golf course. Family Golf Month promotes golf as a fun, family-friendly recreation by providing opportunities for families to learn, or to improve their game together. Nearly 2,100 facilities across the country are registered to host Family Golf Month events. At Bowling Green Golf Club, Family Golf Month is celebrated throughout July and August. Our program takes place on Saturday and Sunday evenings beginning at 5 p.m. on the Front Nine holes. At this time of day, families can have the course to

Focusing on Basic Golf Fundamentals Tips to Fix Your Golf Grip and Improve Your Game

Even seasoned golfers may be surprised to learn that they can greatly improve their game by refreshing some of the most basic golf fundamentals. This is particularly true with the grip, stance, posture and alignment. We chatted with golf pro, George Heslin, who encounters this often with golfers of all ages he teaches at Bowling Green Golf Club. He shared with us the importance of finding the best grip for your game and how to identify your appropriate grip pressure. Finding the correct grip and pressure is an often-overlooked opportunity for improvement. PRIMARY GOLF GRIPS You are probably already familiar

Golf Academy for Juniors, Family Golf Month

July & August  is the time for youngsters to take up golf. Head Golf Pro George Heslin has a couple of his own and is a natural  with kids. He’s offering two golf camp weeks for the summer:    July 9th – 13th      August  6th – 10th Lucky the child who learns the basics when young! Get out on the course to practice with your youngster…. July is family golf month…. Saturdays & Sundays after 5pm rates are $20/adults $10/kids under 14; $5 Grill Room coupon included with green fee. Play the “Par 3” tees at the 150 yard fairway markers