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6 Options NJ Golf Courses Offer for Fun and Golf Fitness

It’s not easy comparing northern New Jersey golf courses head to head when trying to decide which course to call home. Your primary concern will be the excellence of the course layout and maintenance of fairways, tees and greens. Are the greens smooth and quick? Are the tee boxes level? Is the fairway turf plush? And after that, are there some holes with stunning scenery and interesting playing challenges? Once you’ve made the choice to take up golf for fitness, and you’ve identified a course or two with a layout you’re in love with, you’ll want to take a look

The Best Golf Clubs in Oak Ridge and Northern NJ for Seasoned Golfers

Beginner and seasoned golfers around Oak Ridge and throughout northern New Jersey share many of the same general expectations of course conditioning and customer friendly relations when choosing a course to call home. New Jersey Golfers, beginner and experienced alike, enjoy a course with well-maintained fairways, greens & bunkers plus a pro shop staff which is genuinely glad to see them when they arrive. However,as beginners develop from folks looking for a relaxing afternoon with pals in a beautiful surrounding into more seasoned golfer, their expectations become heightened. Over time, experienced golfers begin looking for course design features which challenge