Leaf Rule in Play!

It is that time of year for golfers in Northern New Jersey to implement a ‘leaf rule.’ The very trees that help provide our “Challenging. Traditional, Golf as it was Meant To Be” are a cause for concern for our players making a change to the rules a must. This is a necessary evil, but not one that should not be applied everywhere and under all circumstances. If you are submitting your score for handicap purposes (through Oct 27) or are having a friendly wager with your buddy, the local rule below (Plan A) should be used. If you are out just having fun, go with Plan B.


Even with our maintenance staff doing everything they can, there are times due to severe swirling winds or after rains or a heavy frost when it is impossible to clear the 150 acres before our first players come through. (Remember how long the leaves sit in your yard before you get to them!) Keep in mind that this time of year, there are days when Plan B is the only choice.


Leaf Rule: 33-8/31


Plan A: For those playing by the letter of the law (very few of you!)


Local Rule Providing Relief from Accumulations of Leaves Through the Green.

As our maintenance staff works tirelessly blowing leaves into large piles to be removed, the Committee has made a temporary Local Rule declaring,“accumulations of leaves through the green to be ground under repair.” Please note the following: unless it is known or virtually certain that a ball has not been found is in the leaves, it must be treated as lost elsewhere.

Plan B: For everyone else: if you can not find your ball and there are leaves in the area, drop another, without penalty or delay and move on!


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