Sad saga of a soggy golf season

Now that the Bowling Green Golf season is over, a quick look back at the weather woes of the 2009 season is in order. The year in review might look like this:
April: Summer heat wave, temps hit 90

April 24th 29 degrees am to 73 degrees pm!
May: Spring arrives late; 21st & 22nd, back to back 10s
June: 25 out of 30 days of rain
July – August Weekend T-storms, no 90 degree
September: rated 6.7; the peak of the season
October 15th: Snowfall
October 22nd: 75 degrees
November 8th: Indian Summer arrives
December 5th: 6″ snowfall

The Grounds Maintenance crew can be proud of the job they did this year under such wet conditions. Previous and ongoing drainage work on several of our fairways was a saving grace. So much rain fell at various times over the season that where we would have had flooding, we kept the fairways above the water, so to speak. Our members and frequent golfers can attest to the fact that there might have been one or two days when the ball got some roll. Let’s just say the course was playing long all year. The President’s Cup, Club Championship and Stroke Play Championship were won by those who persisted through rain and shine. Even now in December, the grass under the snow is bright green. So Hxxxx Holidays and Hxxxx New Year; we want a dryer year, a real summer and an expanding economy in 2010!

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