This Golfer’s Favorite Day of Winter

If you play public or private golf in Northern New Jersey, this time of the year can be depressing. Bowling Green is closed, the clubs have been put away and the snow is flying (and it really flew this weekend with up to 2 feet in some parts). Even with all of that, today is one of my favorite days of the Winter and it should be for you as well.

It’s first noticeable in August, when you have trouble finishing that late afternoon round. As the Fall comes, the temperature drops, the mornings are cooler and darker as well. So tee times begin later. The days are getting shorter!

Everyone seems to know that June 21st is the longest day of the year (or at least the day with the longest amount of sunlight). Around here that translates to just over 15 hours of sunlight. By August 21st we have lost over 1 ½ hours of golfing time and another 2 ½ hours by October 21st. When we reach December 21st we have lost nearly 6 hours of sunlight. Totally unbelievable!

So what makes this day so special? It is December 22nd, the 2nd day of Winter. According to there is 1 second more sunshine today; we are over the hump & the days are getting longer!

And what does that mean; we are well on our way toward golf season!

Happy Holidays!


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