Why Should Skiers Have All of the FUN?

One of the best things about living in this part of northern New Jersey is enjoying the four seasons of the year. Yet, in my house, there are only two seasons that really matter; golf season and ski season. I married skiing, she married golf.

For several years, we went to beautiful ski resorts, Whistler, Vail, Copper, Steamboat, the list goes on. Overall, it just never clicked for me (the cold, the wind, swaying chair lifts, broken bones!). I’m glad to say my kids love it, which has partially taken me off the hook.

However, I must admit there is one thing golfers can learn from skiers. At the end of the day, skiers all come together, relax, have a few drinks and socialize. They even have named it! “Apres-Ski.” It’s not a question of “Do you have time to stop in the 19th Hole for a quick drink,” Apres-Ski is part of the overall day, it’s included.

Here’s a New Year’s resolution for 2010 that every golfer should add to their list. Create your own Apres-Golf after each and every round. Bowling Green will do it’s part by keeping the beer on ice and having a perfect spot on the deck to relive the best shots of the day. Why should skiers have all of the fun?

The PGA Tour returns to TV this weekend…the season is inching closer.

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