Course conditions hold up to summer weather extremes…

Summer weather can make it hard on Greens Superintendent Ernie Headley and his crew.

Summer conditions

This is the season for heat, humidity, too little rain, too much rain and you’ll see the crew out syringing on hot days, applying fungicides early in the morning against turf disease or repairing drainage after heavy rainfall.

What you want to see this time of year is the crew conducting extra greens maintenance practices such as grooming and rolling. As it happens, weather extremes can play havoc with these practices. Overall, we’re pleased with the shape of the greens, tees and fairways halfway through summer.

Cooler nights in September and maybe even on the way in August really help the grass to recover. So while you’re playing the rest of the summer, appreciate that with a little bit of luck, the weather lines up just right to produce the kind of conditions that bring out the best in your game: fast, consistent greens for good putting, green fairways that roll, a rough that isn’t too thick to play out of and warm weather to carry the ball.

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